On May 14, 2005, we continued to work on the woodpile, mowed the lawn, and started on the new Range Officer's alcove.


Thanks to Roger Bradbury, Irek Rychlik, Sue Boor, John Baumber, Bob and Justin Gemma, Gene Baril, Harold Carta and Steve Uliasz for spending a few hours at the club.


Outside, things were getting done around the woodpile:

The pile of winter firewood continues to grow.

No more complaints about not enough kindling.


Meanwhile, inside the club, Roger and Irek were hard at work:

How're we gonna explain this?

"Look, a mouse!" "That's not a mouse, it's a rat." "Looks like a mouse to me." "I know a rat when I see one, and that's a rat."

The rumors are true -- our craftsmen made us a pile of precision kindling.

The framing for the alcove is up.