Silver City Gun Club

The following images will print slow, timed and rapid fire targets on US Letter Paper to NRA Specifications. Download to your local pc and print. Files are jpg images and adobe acrobat files. The following targets are available for download: B-2, B-3, B-6, B-8, B-16, B-32B, A-23 and TQ-14. 

NRA B-2 50' Slow Fire Target

NRA B-3 50' Rapid Fire Target 

NRA B-16 25 Yard Slow Fire Target 

NRA B-8 25 Yard Rapid Fire Target 

NRA A-23 50 Yard Small Bore Rifle Target

NRA B-6 50 Yard Slow Fire Target

NRA B-32B 10m Air Pistol Target

TQ-14 50' Smallbore Silhouette Target


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